About the dorm

In general

The Professor Ostenfeld Dormitory was built in 1968 and is 200 meters from DTU on the other side of the highway. The dormitory offers 276 single rooms at 18 m², and 12 two person rooms at 30 m². All rooms have private shower and toilet. The rooms are spread over 18 shared kitchens, where every tenant has private refrigerator, freezer and cupboard space. All kitchens are fully equipped with stoves, ovens, pots and pans, crockery, cutlery, cleaning equipment and so on. The kitchens also have living rooms with dining tables, sofa corners and more.
Many kitchens organize a dinner club up to several times a week. This is a cozy and social dinner where the residents take turns to cook for each other. In addition there is TDC (Tour de Chambre), where all the residents of the kitchen visit each other for some social and fun games. At the first Tuesday of every month, each kitchen holds a kitchen meeting. Here the residents discuss improvements around the kitchen as well as the entire dormitory. It can also serve as a warm up for the famous Nakkeost party later in the evening.


The private foundation Professor Ostenfeld Dormitory was founded on the 13. of October in 1968 on the 110th anniversary of Professor Asger Ostenfeld.
The dormitory was founded with the support of 1.5 million dkk from the Knud Højgaard Foundation, with the aim to provide suitable student accommodations for young students, especially students at DTU (Technical University of Denmark). The dormitory is the third one built by Polyteknisk Kollegiebyggeselskab (PKB) and is now managed by the Polyteknisk Kollegieselskab (PKS).

Your kitchen

According to the house rules, it is expected that residents at the dormitory participate actively in the social life of the kitchens. Therefore, certain obligations must be filled at even intervals. In order to ensure a reasonable condition of the kitchens, it is highly advised to have daily cleaning, and spread the effort equally amoung the residents. Most kitchens also have genuine cleaning day several times a year.

Maintenance and indoor climate

You are not the owner of your room when you live at a dormitory, but you have the right to use it as long as you pay rent and treat it properly. This means that you must maintain the rooms appropriately from the inside.
While living in the room you are responsible for maintaining painted surfaces, cleaning drains, descaling pipes and overall general cleaning. Please remember that it is not allowed to drill holes in the walls and ceilings of the rooms.

House Rules

The house rules are a legal agreement between the tenants and the landlord, and must be followed at all times.
The house rules have been ratified by the tenants of the dormitory.
Since the house rules are a legal document, there is unfortunately currently no official English translation available.
Click here to download the house rules (in Danish).