As a tenant, you benefit from the following

The Rooms
The dormitory offers 279 single rooms at 18 m², and 12 to person rooms at 30 m². All rooms have private shower and toilet. The rooms are spread over 18 shared kitchen, where every one has private refrigerator, freezer and cupboard space. The kitchens also have living room with dining tables, sofa corners and more. Every kitchen therefore becomes a central meeting point for the tenants, where it is possible to get relaxation from the studies.
For each room there is further assigned a storage room in the basement, which holds approx. 1 m³.
Party room
At the first tuesday of every month the dormitory invites every one to its popular bar party, nakkeosten. The party is open for everyone, and is a central part of the social of on the dormitory.
The party rooms can also be rented by the tenants of the dormitory, inquiries about renting the party rooms must be made in written form, through the specific mail adress found in the contacts section of our webpage.
Outside there is a large grass area with a big open grill, which is very suitable for summer events. We also have a volleyball court by the main entrance, where the net is usually up during the summer.
Every tenant is connected to a very fast 100 Mbit/s network connection provided by k-net service.
The network is maintained by the voluntary netgroup, who gladly help with network related problems.
Fitness & Sauna
The dormitory also has its own gym with weightlifting, bicycle, boxing equipment and more.
We also have a sauna, which always is open, and the payment is made through your washing card.
In the bacement you will find a surround-sound installation with projector with HDMI, VGA and composite input. It is possible to watch and play 3D films, and games on the huge 100" screen with your pc, game console etc.
Laundry rooms
The laundry room consists of six washing machines, three tumble dryers and clotheslines. The system is easily used with our third party washing cards, and the payment will be isued through your rental payment.